At the beginning of April it was finally time – our journey began. At that time we already knew that we would be going to Italy at the beginning of May. And it was vaguely planned to go to Spain afterwards to help a German pensioner on an olive farm. In the end everything should be different, but these are stories for further blog posts.

We spent the first three days in England in London before we took the train to Taunton. Our hotel was located directly at the underground stop Vauxhall, which was very convenient and also relatively cheap for London. Some of the famous sights can also be reached on foot (e.g. Westminster, London Eye, London Tate) and the rest by subway. Since Mecki is a fan of the movie “Notting Hill”, we had to go to Notting Hill to see the famous bookstore. Said, done 🙂 Once strolling across the street, like Hugh Grant did. Afterwards we visited the Kyoto Garden in the middle of the Holland Park in Kensington. A small but beautiful Japanese garden.

Anyone who knows us knows, how much we like to drink craft beer. That’s why we visited some of the Brewdogs in London. The beer tastes great and there we ate our first Beyond Meat Burger. That was awesome! 🙂 Since Mucki is a big Harry Potter fan, we drove to King’s Cross to platform 9 3/4. There is a big souvenir shop where you can find everything your heart desires. We also bought a plush dobby there. 😳

From there we went on to the lively, alternative Camden. The neighbourhood is very diverse, there is a lot to see. Starting with the partly very unusual house facades, over graffiti, and overgrown buildings, up to artists and market stalls.

The next day we walked to the British Parliament and then to Trafalgar Square with the fountain and the Nelson Column. And finally to the National Gallery, where you can admire some great masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and da Vinci. It is one of the most important galleries in the world – and there is no entrance fee! It’s definitely worth it.

The last stop in London was Chinatown, in Soho. There we tried our luck with a coin slide. Apart from a small key fob, 10 pounds less and a narrowly escaped addiction, we unfortunately didn’t win anything there. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun. Also in Soho we stopped at Brewdog. 😀

The next day we took the train from Paddington to Taunton. We experienced a nasty surprise. Trains from and to London are unfortunately incredibly expensive. We were lucky to be on the road on Saturdays. During the working hours during the week such a trip can quickly cost far more than 100€ per person. And that for only two hours of driving.

London is certainly always worth a trip, but looking back we were too careless there with our money. We spent a lot of money in those three days. London is generally very expensive and we have been to Brewdog several times.