Housesitting in Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia 22.12.2019 – 05.01.2020

After a (too) long break, we are finally moving on. Here we tell you about our Housesitting in Bratislava.

After we returned from Panama on 9.12. we spent time with our families and friends until 18.12. It took some time to get over the jetlag. And then we took off again. Early in the morning of the 18th we flew to Vienna. There we spent 4 nights in a very nice and perfectly located Airbnb apartment. You can read more about this in the article about Vienna. 🙂

Busride from Vienna to Bratislava

From Vienna you can get to Bratislava cheap, fast and comfortable. Buses of different providers depart directly from the main station, the differences are probably small. We decided to use RegioJet and were really very satisfied. For only 5 € you can reach Bratislava in a little more than an hour. The tickets can be booked online, so you only have to show your ticket and ID and you can get on. If there is still space, one can also buy tickets directly in the bus, but then they are a little more expensive.


We arrived in Bratislava shortly after 6 pm. After getting to know each other we spent a nice evening with our hosts and Beagle Lily. Unfortunately Lily was a little bit ill, so the two of them went to the vet with her the next morning. As it turned out, she had an infection. So we gave her antibiotics in her food. After two or three days she was much more cheerful and lively again. 🙂

Meet Lily

Lily is an approx. 7,5 years old Beagle bitch and the calmest and dearest dog we have met so far. There is nothing that can bring Lily out of her calm. Except food. 😀

Other dogs and people, fireworks… all that leaves Lily cold. Only with food you can really excite her. When she wants to play, she brings her knot with her. She likes to lie on the sofa and in the morning after breakfast she likes to sleep for another 2-3 hours. If you let her, then also in bed with you. You could say that we fell a little bit in love and enjoyed the daily rounds around the castle. 🙂

Living at the castle

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The apartment is situated quite perfectly. You can reach the castle in a few minutes, right next door there is a cat café, several shopping facilities, restaurants and pubs. Everything within 2-5 minutes to reach. Also the old town can be reached in a short time. Bus and train stops are also nearby and public transport is very cheap in Bratislava. In general, life there is simply cheap in comparison. You can get 0,5 l beer for 1,40€ in a pub if you stay outside from the old town. There are some craftberry bars, also these are much cheaper than in Germany. Also for vegetarians and vegans there is a lot to discover. Here you can get really extraordinary good pizza (subjective). 🙂

You don’t have to do without history and culture here either. There are several museums, an old and a new opera and a philharmonic orchestra. There we watched the New Year’s Eve concert. We were lucky and got the last two tickets. We were completely underdressed there, but it was still very nice. So nice that we booked tickets for the Athenaeum in Bucharest right afterwards to see a concert of the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra there.

Housesitting in Bratislava is definitely worth it if you get the chance. But of course it is worth it as well. Airbnb is also possible at affordable prices.

More Sightseeing

The Ufo

We visited the UFO on the bridge and also went upstairs. Altogether the building is 95 m high and in good weather you can see up to 100 km. That was relatively expensive (7 Euro), but still worth it. The view is terrific and Austria and Hungary are not far away and you have a great view of the castle.

Slavín Memorial

Slavín is a war memorial and military cemetery in honour of the soldiers who died during the liberation of Bratislava in April 1945. There is a monument almost 40 m high, at the top there is a statue of a soldier crushing a swastika. There are several individual and several mass graves. Altogether, almost 7000 soldiers are buried there.

The view from up there over the city is really very nice, so the somewhat exhausting way is worth it. 🙂

Devín Castle

On our last day in Bratislava we visited Devin Castle. The rock on which the fortress was built has been a strategic point for thousands of years. You can see very far in all directions and two rivers flow together there: the Danube and the Morava. The castle is first mentioned in the 9th century and is thus well over 1000 years old, but only ruins remain. But it is definitely worth a visit. The view is fantastic, the entrance fee is only 2 € and you can easily get there from Bratislava’s bus station at a reasonable price. A very successful excursion.


We enjoyed our time in Bratislava very much. There are countless cheap pubs, bars and several craftberry bars (e.g. Hangout) with affordable prices, many sights and viewpoints. The people are nice and most of them also speak English.

If you have a (long) weekend left, or are in Vienna anyway, Bratislava is definitely worth a trip. We can recommend it to everybody!

More pictures 🙂