We are Lisa, 30 years – and Martin 33 years young. 🙂 After a little more than one and a half years of long-distance relationship (Trier-Bremen), we decided to move together. It should go to Cologne and since we both had to quit our jobs and flats anyway, we thought about travelling before the seriousness of life starts again.

In the beginning many questions were looking for an answer. Where should we go, how long do we want to stay? We talked to friends and a dear friend from Cologne gave us the tip to register at Trustedhousesitters – Find Pet Sitters & House Sits worldwide (Affiliatelink). If you want to know more about Housesitting, have other questions or need tips, please feel free to contact us. We like Craftbeer, have been vegetarian for over a year and try to get vegan. Most of the time it works, but not 100% yet. Especially in Costa Rica it is not that easy. In the tourist areas there are possibilities, but if you go for example in Nicoya in a soda, there is no dish without meat. Not to speak of vegan dishes. Many waitresses don’t even understand what you want from them.

The whole thing sounded interesting, so we signed up there. We also found another page: workaway (Affiliatelink). There you can find “work” for food and lodging. If you want to know more about it, you’ll find a report here soon.

But before we could start there were still some problems. Do you get out of health insurance? Which health insurance is then the right one for abroad? Do we have to sign out of Germany? Do we get out of our contracts? If you want to find out more, you can find out more here soon.

About surpreising – the name and the logo

One of the reasons (besides Mucki’s laziness) why this blog took so long was the name. It was very hard to find a name. Many good and meaningful names have already been assigned. We don’t know exactly how anymore, but at some point we came across Surpreising, a mixture of the English surprise and the German word reisen which means travel. At first we were skeptical, but in the end we found it good and fitting. Since we are mainly housesitters, you never really know what to do next. It is also more or less surprising for us. Sure, you choose the place or area first and write to people accordingly, but still you never know where and when it will finally work. At workaway you also get messages  from time to time by hosts, also exciting! We will probably extend the “About us” a bit further and add links as soon as the pages about workaway and the contracts are finished. Until then, that should be enough. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.