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We have now mentioned the term housesitting several times, here we would like to explain what it means exactly and how it works. Trusted Housesitters (Affiliate Link) is a website that has its origin in England. You can register there either as a host or as a sitter and then become a member for one year. You pay 89€ for one year and can search for a sitter or sit yourself as often as you want, depending on the type of account you have.


Difference between Hosts and Sitters


A difference is made between the so-called hosts and the sitters. Hosts are looking for someone to look after their house or apartment, including their pets. There are not always animals involved, but these exceptions are rare. The main advantage is that the animals stay in their familiar surroundings and there are people there who take care of them. Also, you don’t need anyone to take care of the plants and the whole thing is even insured! Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can relax or concentrate better and don’t have to constantly ask yourself how the animals are doing. Many hosts would also like to get small updates or photos in between so they can see that everything is fine. The sitters deposit their ID data and in the best case they can already show references, for example from friends or family. In addition, after each Housesit you get a rating from the host, so others see that you have already gained experience. That creates trust.


In return, the sitters receive free accommodation for this time. All in all a win-win situation for both. People who are open-minded towards “strangers” will get a sitter for their belongings and their beloved animals for free. And the sitters can travel without worrying about the accommodation. And thus get to know places that otherwise might have been unreachable. From a one-bedroom apartment to a villa, you’ll find everything. In over 130 countries. As we write this article, we are sitting together with 18 dogs in a finca in Costa Rica. Besides, we live between locals. This allows a completely different experience than it would be possible in a hotel, for example.


Procedure and process for Trusted Housesitters


After reading the applications, many hosts want to make a phone call or video chat with their favorites to get a first impression. If there is mutual sympathy, then there is nothing to stand in the way of the Housesit. The host chooses you, and you must then confirm one last time that you really can and want to do the sit. However, depending on the situation, it can take a few days before you get feedback. If something else happens in the meantime, or your plans change, you can withdraw your application. Additionally you can see if a host has read the message or not.

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you have a complete and meaningful profile! After all, people entrust you with all their belongings.
  • Look for new possibilities several times a day. Depending on the region, Housesits are very popular, so that many applicants have already sent their cover letter after a short time.
  • We have had the best experience when there were not yet too many applicants. From >20 on it gets difficult, because most hosts already pick their favorites from the first applications and might not even read the last ones anymore.
  • You can see how many people have already applied!
  • It is important to be authentic and respond to the host’s listing.
  • Depending on the region it may be necessary to have a vehicle. Pay attention to whether in the ad the use of a car is possible or you have to take care of it yourself.
  • There’s something for everyone. Whether single, as a couple, or even as a family. Sometimes it is even expressly desired to bring your own pets.

You can then request a Welcome Guide with the most important information from your host. Sometimes, however, the host may have created a folder on site with all special features, addresses, telephone numbers and dates. This is very useful, you don’t have to remember everything and you can read it over and over again. So far we have always arrived one or two days before the host starts their trip. So you can get used to the animals and the environment and if you have any questions, you can ask immediately, that is very helpful. Moreover, one can get so many tips and hints to the surroundings. So far all hosts have shown us their surroundings, where you can go shopping and where you can eat well, etc. 🙂


So far we have only had good experiences with Trusted Housesitters. For open-minded people, housesitting is a very good way to travel, but to live like a local at the same time and take care of animals. Especially if you can’t have your own animals, it’s a very nice opportunity to have animals around from time to time. But you should not underestimate the responsibility. It is not primarily about your own journey, but about the welfare of the animals. If you take care of a single cat, which might even be outside all day, you have of course much more freedom than if you have the responsibility for 18 dogs and seven cats. 🙂

Some pictures of the pets we already cared for